iKON Bobby Entertains Fans With His Failure to Decipher Pick-Up Lines

iKON Bobby Entertains Fans With His Failure to Decipher Pick-Up Lines
Image credit: Legion-Media

It's very a-do-ra-ble.

iKON is known for having a very close and friendly relationship with its fandom, iKONICs. Except for disobeying their managers and bodyguards just to run into the crowd of fans all the time, iKON members do not give a typical K-pop idol's fan service and often respond to iKONICs flirting with rejection and jokes.

Even if they wanted, fans wouldn't be able to witness anyone from iKON acting like their boyfriend. Especially when it comes to Bobby, who already announced his marriage and having a son in 2021. Despite that, iKONICs still make sure to give him a lot of compliments, and Bobby loves responding to them in a funny way.

His recent reaction to the cryptic posts iKON fans left on Weverse is both baffling and hilarious: there is no way a smart rapper wouldn't be able to decipher affectionate words iKONICs wanted to tell him, yet it did take him a long time. When Bobby saw a photo of a Fanta bottle and a wooden stick, his first response was confusion. Instead of reading the conundrum as "You are fantastic", Bobby asked whether fans called him a "soda-wood', making all iKONICs laugh.

The next time the fandom decided to be creative with compliments, Bobby's confusion grew even more. Being presented with another image of a door and a bowl, which together create a 'You are adorable' compliment, the idol ended up with 'awhitedoor aceramicbowl' version. He kept going on, creating more variations of the flirting pun puzzle, and even when iKONICs told him the right answer, he would not take it, jokingly accusing the fans of not making sense and denying his failure to decipher the message.

Bobby's communication with iKONICs on social media often goes viral in the K-pop community, as the idol is eager to fool around with both Korean and International fans with his carefree English language.