Indiana Jones 5 Trailer Teased by Director Amid Test Screenings Disaster

Indiana Jones 5 Trailer Teased by Director Amid Test Screenings Disaster
Image credit: Legion-Media

How many times have we heard that the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 is a flop? Hundreds, even thousands of times, no less! This only adds fuel to the fire, and all we want now is a sneak peek at what's in store for us.

While some were glued to their TV screens watching the last but one episode of The Walking Dead, Indiana Jones 5 director James Mangold sent Twitter into frenzy when he teased the Indi 5 trailer.

One Twitterati asked the director, "When can we expect the next Indy 5 promo?" and Mangold replied with, "Less than 30 days." Indiana Jones 5 missed its original 2022 release date and was delayed by almost a year due to the COVID pandemic and Disney 's shuffling of plans.

Recently there have been a number of leaks about Indiana Jones 5, allegedly from Hollywood sources. The rumours surrounding the production of the film claimed that Disney was not happy with the ending of the film.

According to sources, Disney's management had screened six different endings, but none of them were good enough. However, these were just rumours and Mangold actively debunked them.

The director, who is active on Twitter, responded to several comments that mentioned the alleged negative opinion of the test audience on the final scenes of Indiana Jones 5.

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The filmmaker said there were no screenings at all and dismissed any speculation about Indiana Jones being replaced by a female character (his goddaughter), which was widely discussed on social media.

"It's up to you who you believe – an anonymous troll named "basement dweller" & "doomcock" or the actual director of the film. Nobody will ever replace Indiana Jones. Not in any script. Not in any editing. Never discussed," Mangold said. (via)

The reason why fans of the Indy franchise are worried is simple. All four previous films – Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, The Last Crusade and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – were directed by Steven Spielberg. But Mangold is a renowned professional with two Oscar nominations (Ford vs. Ferrari and Logan), so why worry? We can be pretty sure the film is in safe hands.

Indiana Jones 5 started filming in the UK in the summer of 2021 and finished in February 2022. It is due to be released on 30 June 2023.