Insane Fan Theory Explains How Bucky Will Become a Bad Guy Again in the MCU

Insane Fan Theory Explains How Bucky Will Become a Bad Guy Again in the MCU
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How exactly will Bucky be forced into Marvel's most dangerous team?

Thunderbolts, the upcoming movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is basically Suicide Squad by Marvel. The idea is to round up a bunch of not-so-heroic characters and send them off on a super risky mission.

The team will consist of Ghost, Red Guardian, Yelena Belova, Winter Soldier, U.S. Agent, and Taskmaster. Bucky Barnes, aka Winter Soldier, is the one who got some fans scratching their heads about why he's on the team.

A Reddit user posted an intriguing theory suggesting that Bucky might be in some deep trouble for his actions in Madripoor. Some fans believe he's currently in jail for what went down there — and if there were people recording the bar fight on their phones.

In episode 3 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, there is a scene in a bar, where Zemo triggers the Winter Soldier mode with just a word. Imagine that video going viral. It would completely tarnish Bucky's reputation, especially since he was seen working alongside Zemo.

Fans theorize that Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (you know, the mysterious lady from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), who will also be a member of the Thunderbolts, is aware that Bucky played a part in breaking Zemo out of jail.

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This knowledge could be her leverage to manipulate Bucky into doing her bidding. And with videos from Madripoor possibly floating around, Bucky might not have much of a choice.

The theory further suggests that Bucky might be forced to join the Thunderbolts, a group in the Marvel comics known for its morally ambiguous missions. If Val has something on Bucky, she could use it to make him a part of this team.

While all of this is pure speculation, it's interesting to think about how the movie will address it. Bucky has come a long way from being the Winter Soldier, but his past might still have a grip on his future. Only time will tell if he'll be pushed back into the shadows or if he'll rise above it all.

Source: Reddit