Insane Reason We Got That After-Credits Shawarma Scene in The Avengers

Insane Reason We Got That After-Credits Shawarma Scene in The Avengers
Image credit: globallookpress

Have you ever thought that the shawarma scene in The Avengers seems completely out of place? Well, your sixth sense is right!

2012's The Avengers was not supposed to have that scene at all, but Robert Downey Junior, who played Iron Man, encouraged a rewrite.

Well, now we know who was Joss Whedon's least favorite actor on set (or most favorite, given that he actually agreed to the change?).

In the original scene, Tony wakes up after crashing back to Earth and asks, "What's next?" Apparently, Downey Jr. didn't think that the line was good enough, and he wanted to make it more interesting.

This is how the shawarma scene was born, but the really crazy thing is that it was added at the very last minute (literally) – the cast reportedly shot the scene after the movie had already premiered worldwide!

In the scene, the Avengers go out to a local shawarma joint and silently enjoy some nice juicy shawarmas, while the employees clean up the mess left after the events of the movie.

The only exception is Captain America, who just sits glumly at the table with his fist propping his cheek. Is Steve a vegan? What is going on here?

Actually, there is a much simpler explanation. At the time of the movie premiere, Chris Evans had already been filming his new movie, Snowpiercer, for which he had grown an impressive beard and couldn't shave it off.

That is why he had to wear a prosthetic jaw and cover up his face in the scene!

Turns out, it was for the best – at least Evans didn't have to stuff his face with shawarma as much as the others.

Apparently, the scene took a lot of takes, and in an interview for EW, Chris Hemsworth even recalled feeling "sick" because he "ate one [pita] each take."

Load up on those calories, Chris, Thor's abs will thank you later!

There you have it. The shawarma scene may be just a fun addition (for all intents and purposes), but its backstory is fascinating!

We don't know about you, but after writing "shawarma" so many times, we are now craving a bite. Fancy joining us?