Insider Confirms The Original Date 'Secret Wars' Were Scheduled To Release

Insider Confirms The Original Date 'Secret Wars' Were Scheduled To Release
Image credit: Legion-Media

It looks like the next grand MCU crossover event was supposed to come out much earlier than expected, but the COVID-19 pandemic has messed up Feige's plans.

With the introduction of the Multiverse concept to Disney 's superhero property, fans were sure that a 'Secret Wars ' event was bound to happen sooner or later. Originally conceived in 2015 by writer Jonathan Hickman, this massive crossover pitted multiple parallel worlds against each other, with famous villains and heroes fighting for the survival of their respected universes. Given the sheer number of characters involved, it was going to take a long time to bring 'Secret Wars', but Feige and his team were confident that they would make it before May 2024.

According to industry insider Charles Murphy, the original release date for the film was set for that date, but the ongoing pandemic has dramatically changed Marvel Studios' plans.

Fans were surprised by such an early date, wondering how the MCU creative team planned to prepare this massive event on time, since so many characters crucial to the story are still waiting to appear in the franchise.

Others discuss the fact that 'Secret Wars' will presumably end the whole Multiverse affair (turns out some of the fans just can't wait for that to happen), and speculate about what the future holds for the MCU.