Insider Just Confirmed Doctor Doom Coming To The MCU…And Then Deleted The Tweet

Insider Just Confirmed Doctor Doom Coming To The MCU…And Then Deleted The Tweet
Image credit: Marvel

Rumors about the iconic villain's MCU debut have been around for a while, but it looks like Kevin Feige intends to keep all plans for Doctor Doom a secret.

Ruler of Latveria and nemesis of Reed Richards, Doctor Doom is considered one of Marvel Comics' greatest villains, thanks to his heartbreaking origin story and very enjoyable character development. Of course, such a great villain is very welcome to appear in the MCU, and with the recent news that a 'Fantastic Four ' movie is in development, fans might finally meet the masked tyrant in the near future.

It looks like Doom's imminent appearance isn't just a rumor, as a prominent insider KCWalsh recently tweeted that the villain will appear in the MCU earlier than expected. Fans were thrilled by such a promising message, and the fact that the insider deleted the original tweet suggests that Kevin Feige isn't very willing to share his plans with fans just yet. So, when exactly could Doctor Doom be introduced?

"What is he appearing in, do we know? F4 hasn't started filming yet so what could he possibly be in that has filmed already? If KC is saying soon then it can't be no later than the end of the year right? Maybe KC just meant we'll get a concept art reveal at SDCC?" – /ymetwaly53.

In trying to answer this question, Reddit users agreed on one thing – 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ' is the most likely version, as one fan offered a pretty convincing theory of how the villain's introduction might be set up in the upcoming blockbuster.

"Black Panther 2. My guess is the atlanteans will be pissed cos the wakandans are drilling for vibranium in the sea. At the end of the film it'll be revealed that it wasn't the wakandans and it was Doom, setting him up as a bad guy for the Fantastic 4," – /Vexingwings0052.

In addition to this huge leak about Doom appearing in the MCU, some people were able to find out other curious details, including an update on Doom's costume.

"Doom wasn’t mocap according to the leaks: he was practical with just the cloak and gauntlets (most likely meant to see from behind)," – /Zucchini2024.