Into the Spider-Verse: Insane Hidden Detail That Basically Spoiled Sequel's Plot

Into the Spider-Verse: Insane Hidden Detail That Basically Spoiled Sequel's Plot
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A jaw-dropping hidden clue about Miles.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is totally crushing it at the box office and everyone's talking about how awesome it is. But let's take a moment to revisit the first movie.

If you thought you caught all the hidden details in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, think again. Did you know that it also cleverly foreshadowed the plot of the sequel?

We are going to break down a hidden detail that basically predicted the sequel's biggest twist. Just a heads-up, this article may contain spoilers.

In the sequel, we learn that the spider which bit Miles Morales came from a different universe. This revelation implies that Miles wasn't originally destined to become Spider-Man in his own universe.

The first movie dropped a subtle clue about this mind-bending twist. If you pay close attention, you'll notice something peculiar about the spider itself.

In the first film, we witness multiple characters from different universes experiencing glitches, like random pixelation or flickering. And guess what? The spider that bit Miles displays the same glitching effect.

This hidden detail subtly hints at the fact that this particular spider is not from Miles' universe, setting the stage for the sequel's mind-boggling revelation. But there is more.

Another cool detail was hidden in Miles' spider-sense. When Miles first encounters Peter Parker, his spider-sense is green and purple, but it instantly shifts to red and blue.

In the sequel, we discover that in an alternate universe, Miles actually ends up becoming the Prowler. And here's where the hidden detail from the first film becomes mind-blowing.

The green and purple colors of his spider-sense represent the Prowler, and the red and blue colors symbolize Spider-Man. This tiny detail actually gives a clue about the major issue Spider-Man 2099 has with Miles in the sequel.

Miles wasn't meant to be our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Instead, this little detail suggests that he was meant to follow in the footsteps of his alternate version and become the Prowler.

However, it may also mean that the change of spidey-sense's colors meant a bit different thing.

Maybe initial colors don't necessarily mean that he was destined to be the Prowler, but instead, represented the influence his uncle had on Miles and how he looked up to him, but when he met Peter, it changed.

Anyway, it's just another piece of evidence of how well-crafte these movies are. The creators deserve all the praise.