Is All the Teen Wolf: The Movie Hate Even Remotely Justified?

Is All the Teen Wolf: The Movie Hate Even Remotely Justified?
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Fans explain why they think the Teen Wolf revival movie might disappoint them.

When Teen Wolf ended in 2017, many fans were left wanting more. The show's massive fanbase missed the beloved characters, and any rumors of the pack getting back together were met with enthusiasm. However, when the revival movie was officially announced and details about it began to leak online, the general sentiment changed.

Let's just say that the majority of fans were not happy with what they were hearing about the movie and took to social media to express their dissatisfaction. But what exactly caused the fan outrage? And is it even justified?

Let's take a look at what the fans are saying.

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The first and probably most important reason for the fan backlash was the casting of the movie. Many fans were disappointed to learn that some of the most popular characters would not be returning. Dylan O'Brien announced that he wouldn't be reprising his role as Stiles Stilinski because he was happy with the way his character's arc ended on the show.

Another refusal to reprise a role has actually turned into a scandal. Arden Cho decided to decline the movie after being offered less money than her white colleagues. And fans didn't like it at all.

"Her story was not finished, they did her dirty and this was a chance to fix that but now they managed to f*** up even in a worse way," one of the fans wrote on Reddit.

Teen Wolf had always attracted fans with its romantic storylines. But the movie seems to have ruined them as well. The lack of returning characters has led to almost every single couple from Season 6 not appearing in the movie. Of all the beloved pairings, only Scott and Malia are expected to reappear, but it was rumored that they had broken up.

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Speaking of Scott's love interest, a lot of criticism fell on the Teen Wolf movie after the return of Crystal Reed's character, Allison Argent.

"When you kill a character and then bring that character back then their actual death loses all of its impact," one of the show's fans explained.

Looks like fans have plenty of worries about the upcoming film, but even those who criticize the casting and creative decisions have confirmed that they wouldn't miss Teen Wolf: The Movie. Let's hope, it will pleasantly surprise the long-term fans.