Annoying Stiles' Plot Hole That Bothers Teen Wolf Fans To This Day

Annoying Stiles' Plot Hole That Bothers Teen Wolf Fans To This Day
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Teen Wolf fans are no strangers to plot holes, as they've encountered them on more than one occasion throughout the show's 6-year run.

From messy timelines to characters resurfacing without an explanation, it seems like the writers can't help leaving their inconsistent creative decisions unexplained.

And when the hit series came to an end in 2017, viewers were still left with a number of unanswered questions. However, there's one plot hole that has been bothering the fans to this day, and it's time for us to finally address it.

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The award-winning supernatural teen drama entertained fans with a whopping 100 episodes, which means there are bound to be a few writing oversights along the way. But one of the plot holes that fans are still annoyed by actually involves Stiles and the "spark." The moment in question took place in season 2, where Deaton tells Stiles Stilinski that he needs to be the "spark" to use Mountain Ash.

As you know, Stiles is a regular human, and this scene made a lot of fans believe that Stiles could, in fact, wield magic. This theory was furthered when Stiles was laying down the barrier but started running out of Mountain Ash, for the circle to then magically close.

This caused many fans to think it was implied that the plot would be furthered, and they held out hope that Stiles would turn out to be supernatural like the others. However, we never saw any development involving this, nor was it mentioned ever again. Some fans were convinced that the creators intended for Stiles to have some form of magical abilities but decided to take a different direction in the end.

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That being said, other fans seem to have found an explanation, according to which the Mountain Ash is magic, not Stiles. They theorize that the "spark" reference was merely a metaphor Deaton used to explain to Stiles how to make Mountain Ash work. They also add that any human should be able to do it, and Stiles was the only one out of the group who could do it at the time. The only thing he needs to do is envision the ash doing what he wants it to do and believe that it will work.

Fans also argue that if we look at other instances in the show where Mountain Ash is used, we'll see that the ash will always connect to itself and complete a barrier between any two existing areas. And if you get it close, as was the case with Stiles, it will form the line regardless.