Is DJ Bella Ferrada Trying to 'Cancel' Sydney Sweeney? Here's What's Going On

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If that makes me a villain...

Looks like 'Euphoria' star Sydney Sweeney is under fire for allegedly being racist. At least that's what DJ Bella Ferrada is now accusing the actress of, having dozens of social media users flocking to Twitter threads in order to determine the truth.

According to Ferrada, there was an unpleasant occasion during at the HCA Awards, when her "Mexican boyfriend was trying to fix lighting by you [Sweeney]", and the actress "freaked out and had [her] bf come shooo him while he was just doing his job".

The DJ dropped the punchline in Sweeney's Instagram comment section. The actress herself has not immediately responded to the accusation, but her fans were quick to do so and rise to the actress' defense.

"Ummm just because someone doesn't like your boyfriend, doesn't make them racist. Maybe she was uncomfortable." – @kevinohday

People genuinely don't seem to understand what exactly about Sydney's alleged move was racist. Someone even recalled Ferrada herself dropping some racist slur back in 2014 on her Twitter account. Whether the HCA Awards incident was true or not, few people were ready to side with Ferrada and lambast Sweeney with no evidence.

Many fans suggested that someone is deliberately attacking Sweeney in order to get her cancelled or demean her reputation. Recently, the 'Euphoria' star was criticized for saying that she doesn't make enough money to afford herself to quit her job.

But Sweeney is also heavily scrutinized over her political views, with some people suspecting her of being conservative — and being ready to cancel her if that is true.

"Isn't it a little odd that people are now accusing her of racist behavior after they've been speculating whether she's a conservative or not? Like, if she did do behave like that why didn't they say something then? Were they "okay" with it bc they thought she was a Democrat? LOL" – @lexxleonard

Sweeney has remained tight-lipped on politics, as well as "racism" allegations. The actress is due to appear in Sony's 'Madame Web' in 2023, while also expected to return in 'Euphoria' season 3.

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