Is Eleven Really Still Powerless in 'Stranger Things' Season 4?

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Things appeared to go wrong in the newly-released clip from season 4.

New season of 'Stranger Things' premieres on May 27, and it seems that Eleven, one of the main characters, is experiencing some problems with her powers.

Judging by a new clip from season 4, Eleven, who is attending a school, is being bullied: a group of other kids appears to kick the box she dropped and laugh about it. Eleven stops for a moment, but then decides to challenge the bullies, standing up and screaming with her hand reached out.

Usually, this would mean a hard time for those trying to mess with her, but this time, it ends with nothing, and bullies just laugh about the awkward gesture even more.

It looks like Eleven is still powerless after the incident with the Mind Flayer that took place in season 3, when she had to rid herself of the piece of the Mind Flayer that was embedded in her wound. This move had her losing her powers, and the consequences appear to be lasting through season 4.

Fans took issue with the scene shown in the clip, claiming that Eleven did something wildly out of character by trying to use her powers against regular people, considering that the group is actually trying to keep it on the down low.

In fact, she was lucky that the powers never did worked, fans argued.

Still, the scene was quite cringeworthy, particularly because it felt a little cliché to some fans. But, given that the creators have already teased that every episode cost millions of dollars to make, people still hope for something less embarrassing and more exciting to happen in season 4.

Volume 1 premieres on May 27, with the second part of season 4 to follow on July 1.

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