Is Hating Sam Wilson as Captain America Really Racist?

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Now that Carol Denvers accepts Falcon's new status, fans are willing to reignite the long-standing debate.

Some people continue to take issue with Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson assuming the title of Captain America, but when they are accused of racism by Mackie's defenders, they beg to differ.

It's not about the race, they argue, but rather about Sam Wilson taking over someone else's personality instead of his own character being developed. Now that Sam inherited the shield, he is technically no longer Falcon, even though he got to keep his signature wings and other tech.

"Steve Rogers is the og Captain America, Sam Wilson is just a token. He was fine being his own character but they decided to give Falcon away just to make him a discount Captain America. If anything, Mackie is taking someone's place here, but Chris Evans is too wokie to admit it." – @emparedando.

However, even Falcon has not been popular and impactful enough to become Steve Rogers' successor, others argue. Even as a side character, they believe, Sam Wilson was not that compelling or lovable.

Besides, there is another thing that prevents some people from acknowledging Sam as their Captain America: the lack of the super serum in his veins.

"For me the fact that he is not a super soldier negates the ability to become Cap's successor. It's like if a dude that couldn't transform into a huge green dude became the successor of the Hulk. Someone that has the same set of skills should be the next Cap." – /jsjdjsjaanmams.

Still, all the aforementioned points do not seem to persuade Anthony Mackie fans that haters are not plain racist. Many have argued that Falcon would not face this much scrutiny if he was portrayed by a white actor.

"The reaction to Sam Wilson's taking of the Captain America mantle seems to be in line with the real world reaction of Anthony Mackie taking the mantle. I was never a fan of Anthony Mackie, but after seeing what I've seen it makes me root for him." – /HotStaxOfWax.

Despite fans taking issue with Sam Wilson being Captain America, Chris Evans (Steve Rogers) appeared to draw a line. He said that his comeback as First Avenger would potentially be upsetting, because the role now belongs to Anthony Mackie – the sentiment that many Marvel fans seem to share even in the wake of someone's discontent.

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