Is it Possible Allison Possessed By Nogitsune in 'Teen Wolf: The Movie'?

Is it Possible Allison Possessed By Nogitsune in 'Teen Wolf: The Movie'?
Image credit: Legion-Media

She's back, but is it really her?

The newly-released trailer for 'Teen Wolf: The Movie' has truly shocked fans by revealing that Allison Argent is well and alive – although the word "well" here might be an exaggeration.

The thing about the "new" Allison is that she looks quite villain-ish in her brief appearance, and it's unclear just how she managed to survive the fatal wound at hands of the Oni.

However, fans do have a pretty obvious yet chilling explanation: Allison might be possessed by the nogitsune who controls her mind in what could be an attempt to terrorize the pack.

And it's not like fans enjoy the idea a lot.

"I finally saw the trailer for the Teen Wolf movie, and it did not get me excited. Frankly, they should've just kept Allison dead and it looks like they are doing a repeat of the Nogitsune." – @Indie_ComiX

Although the guess is based exclusively on Allison's sinister looks, fans are already coming up with theories as to how the pack might save Scott's girlfriend from the nogitsune.

For instance, one Reddit theory suggests that Scott will have to bite Allison at some point, because the end of season 3 established that the nogitsune cannot be a fox and a wolf simultaneously.

"He can no longer be in control of someone's body or mind after and must leave the host of whoever's body it controls," a Reddit theory argues.

The premiere date for 'Teen Wolf: The Movie' has not yet been announced. The film will be streaming on Paramount Plus.