Is Jon Snow Spinoff Really Necessary? Here's What Reddit Has To Say

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HBO stunned 'Game of Thrones' fans by announcing that a direct sequel to the saga starring Kit Harrington's character is in the works. But how do fans feel about it?

After the disappointing final season of the fantasy series, fans were certain that well-known original characters were bidding their farewell. As 'House of the Dragon' prepares to debut this summer, it seemed as if HBO was trying to expand its popular franchise with prequels rather than sequels. However, this has all turned out to be mere rumor, as a full-length solo series is now officially in development, with Jon Snow at its center. According to some insiders, the upcoming series will start right where the original series ended and will follow Snow's further misadventures on The Wall.

Of course, given this information, many immediately suspected that the series would be an attempt by HBO to redeem botched ending of 'Game of Thrones' by delighting fans with familiar faces and events. And since there has been relatively little hype surrounding 'House of the Dragon' this announcement could serve as a great marketing trick.

"But it's not like fans consider the TV show's ending to be sacred, so maybe HBO realized milking the cash cow is probably worth it for them. It's just a matter of which actors they can get to return." – /Alertcircuit.

But despite all this excitement, is there really a need for a solo project about Jon Snow? Certainly, he was beloved by many fans, but he was only one of the players, with an incredibly strong cast of diverse and equally intriguing characters, allowing the series to remain relevant and engaging. And now with all of them out of the picture, fans fear that Jon Snow alone just won't be enough.

"Not really sure what scope there is for Jon Snow. He didnt want anything, he didnt have any real ambition and the white walkers are dead so there is nothing but polar bears. Of all characters Arya would be the most interesting with a range to explore." – /Vegan_Puffin.

However, despite some dissatisfaction, many are still more than excited about the return of their favorite bastard, having already come up with several theories about the narrative of the series.

"I can't imagine a new series with Jon without Arya, Sansa, and Ghost, but I'm open to it. It'd be lovely to see Tormund show Jon the northern North. I hope this project comes to fruition and I hope we don't all fuck it up by developing our own storylines and exposition only to be disappointed when "our" version doesn't meet our overblown expectations." – /lowlightliving.

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