Is Kamala Khan Team Tony or Team Cap? Here's What Iman Vellani Says

Is Kamala Khan Team Tony or Team Cap? Here's What Iman Vellani Says
Image credit: Legion-Media

Iman Vellani answered the trickiest questions from fans on Reddit, with one important one standing out in particular.

The series about a life of a Pakistani-born American teenager trying to cope with her newfound superpowers is set years after the Avengers battle with Thanos. In Kamala Khan 's world, the heroes are superstars, and millions of teens look up to them as a source of inspiration. Not surprisingly, Kamala is also obsessed with superheroes, so when she got her own superhuman powers, she didn't hesitate to become one of them. But if Kamala had gotten her powers much earlier, whose side would she have been on in the Captain America vs. Iron Man conflict?

According to Vellani herself, who reacted to a fan question on Reddit, Kamala would not hesitate to choose Tony Stark. The thing is, in preparation for the role, Vellani read all of the original Miss Marvel comics, and in them Tony played a huge role in the young superheroine's life, basically being a father figure to her. Unfortunately, that didn't happen in the MCU since Robert Downey Jr. left the franchise, but Kamala could at least support her favorite superhero in his fight against Cap.

However, some people believe that interactions between Kamala and Tony could still happen, and some crazy theories are being worked out right on the spot.

"Non-zero chance there's a Tony AI out there too. All the quips, none of the physical stuff. (I don't think it'll happen, given it might lessen the significance of his death, but you never know)." – /mikesh8rp