Is Marvel That Desperate? Liv Tyler In Talks to Return as Betty Ross

Is Marvel That Desperate? Liv Tyler In Talks to Return as Betty Ross
Image credit: Legion-Media

It looks like Marvel may be pulling out all the stops for their upcoming blockbuster, Secret Wars, premiering on May 1, 2026.

With rumors swirling that the studio is bringing back major players from the past, it's clear that Marvel is determined to make Secret Wars their most ambitious project yet. But as excited as fans may be to see some old favorites return to the screen, it's worth considering whether the studio's desire to recover from the supposed "failure" of Phase 4 is worth potentially undermining the events of previous films.

The whole concept of multiverse allows MCU to get pretty much any actor who ever played any Marvel superhero back. Ben Affleck reprising decades-old Daredevil role? Jennifer Garner once again appearing as Elektra on the big screen (she'd still rock that leather suit, by the way)? Robert Downey Jr. 's Tony Stark coming back as Tony-but-from-an-alternate-universe? Everything's possible, baby, for better or worse.

And so we're not that surprised, really, that after the rumor about RDJ coming back to the MCU surfaced, there's now another 'comeback' on the cards – at least according to MyTimeToShineH and their recent tweet.

"Liv Tyler in talks to come back as Betty Ross," it says, plain and simple.

Now, this is just another rumor, for now, but Secret Wars are upon us, and, given it's supposed to be Marvel's most ambitious endeavor yet (just suck it up, Endgame), pretty much everything is possible. Remember the craziness around Tobey and Andrew returning in Spider-Man: No Way Home? Well, Secret Wars, if rumors are to be believed, will be ten times that, at least.

And it's completely understandable why Marvel would put so much work into getting some of the big names back. As much as we all love ourselves some nostalgia-baiting, there's another reason: Phase 4 disaster.

Desperate to recover from that particular failure and put it all behind them, Marvel head honchos are ready to raise the stakes, even if it means making Betty Ross relevant again or ruining the whole point of Tony Stark's sacrifice in Endgame by bringing RDJ back.

Fans are not so sure it's worth it after all, saying that "at this point it'd be weird to bring her back." A cameo might still work, though, but fans think "we're long past Betty's relevance unless they wanna go the Red She-Hulk route."

Again, it's all just a rumor now, needed to be taken with a grain of salt; after all, we've been through something similar before, when rumors surfaced that Liv Tyler was in talks to be in Infinity War, and we all know how that worked out.