Is 'The Office' Crossover With 'Minions' Even Real?

Is 'The Office' Crossover With 'Minions' Even Real?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Is it a "No, God, please, no" for you? Or is it an actual dream-come-true?

In a crossover you never knew you needed, 'The Office ' intro has been redone with a little bit of yellow on top of it. Meet 'Dunder Mifflin' paper company, but run by Gru as Michael Scott, and the minions as other office employees.

Every minion character seems to be connected to their 'The Office' counterparts – for instance, Kevin is seen recreating the iconic opening jello prank that Jim did on Dwight. Halpert himself is portrayed by Stuart, with Bob apparently landing the role of receptionist Pam.

One might think that the Internet now has to brace for the upcoming reboot of 'The Office' with minions, but worry not. The revisited intro is just a promotional campaign by Peacock to advertise both 'The Office' exclusively arriving at the platform for streaming, and 'Minions: The Rise of Gru' premiere on July 1.

The attention to details in the short clip, however, is immaculate: for example, Gru's mug on his desk reads "World's Best Super Villain" (instead of Michael Scott's "World's Best Boss"), and a sharp-eyed fan can notice that the paper company seems to be called 'Dunder Minions'.

Judging from social media users' reaction, the idea to launch an actual crossover between 'The Office' and 'Minions' would not be as apocalyptic as you might initially think.

However, it is too early to shout "It's happening!". Still, if you are a big fan of 'Minions', you might want to grab a ticket for 'The Rise of Gru', as it hits theaters in a week.