Is Vector In 'Minions: The Rise of Gru'?

Is Vector In 'Minions: The Rise of Gru'?
Image credit: Legion-Media

When you got a cinematic (or rather animated) universe on your hands, wouldn't you want to pack your new film with as many cameos as possible?

Illumination has just released a new animated film about the early years of the beloved Gru, and it looks like fans should be ready for one delightful surprise.

In 2010, the relatively young Illumination Studios made history with its first film 'Despicable Me', which became a billion-dollar franchise and made millions of children fall in love with the adorable Minions. And now, twelve years later, audiences finally get a chance to find out where the story of the villain with a heart of gold began, as 'The Rise of Gru will' tell the story of the first meeting between Gru and his boisterous yellow companions.

But, as many avid fans well remember, one character has not appeared in any movie since the first one – Victor 'Vector' Perkins, an aspiring supervillain in an orange tracksuit whose arrogant behavior made him the perfect opposite of the kind and caring Gru. Although Vector has become a fan favorite, Illumination has decided not to show him again, but perhaps that will change this year?

Thanks to early discussions on Reddit, we finally got a solid enough confirmation – Vector will indeed appear in 'The Rise of Gru', albeit in a cameo. Despite this brief appearance, people are reporting that audiences in theaters have reacted very favorably. Vector solo film confirmed?

"The audience cheered louder at the Vector cameo than any other film I’ve ever been to, including Marvel. That being said, despite not being great, the film’s cameos were definitely well executed." – /otherpianodude.