It Feels Like SVU’s Kelli Giddish Never Left: Why Will Rollins Be Back Again?

It Feels Like SVU’s Kelli Giddish Never Left: Why Will Rollins Be Back Again?
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The job that you just can’t let go.


  • To this day, many consider Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is one of the most compelling Law & Order spin-offs.
  • Considering the specifics of the job, it's easy to understand why anyone who spent years working on SVU would find it hard to let go.
  • Former Detective Amanda Rollins, who resigned at the end of last season, is set to return for season 25...again.

When people say Law & Order: SVU wouldn't be the same without its leading lady, they tend to mean Mariska Hargitay 's Olivia Benson, who has been the driving force behind the franchise for more than 20 years. But everyone who's supported (or opposed) her throughout those years deserves just as much credit.

Detective Amanda Rollins, who joined the show in 2011 and was reportedly set to leave in the season 24 finale, has always been a controversial character among viewers. But love her or hate her, you have to admit that the unit felt empty without her daily presence.

But just as fans aren't ready to let Rollins go, neither is the actress. Kelli Giddish has already made her return in the premiere episode of season 25, and now she's set to appear again in the 11th episode. Here's what will bring Rollins back to Special Victims Unit this time around.

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Is Amanda Rollins Coming Back to SVU?

While there is not too much information about Rollins' next appearance on the show, other than the fact that she will be present at some point in episode 11, fans believe it will have to do with either her on-screen husband, Carisi, or her friend Olivia, who is now lacking any kind of female advice and struggling with the weight of the cases.

Now working as a criminology professor at Fordham University, Rollins doesn't really need to be involved in any of the unit's cases, if only nothing happens at the university where she teaches. This could be an interesting way to bring two worlds together again and remind the former detective of her passions.

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Although fans were split on Kelli Giddish's character up until her departure, many are now calling for her to return to the Special Victims Unit full time. Since Amanda is still such an important person in the lives of at least two series regulars, her absence doesn't feel natural. Then again, neither do her random pop-ups.

“I liked Rollins and I think Kellie is a good actor. That said, it’s so unbelievable that she became a professor overnight. They’ve kept her on as a minor character due to fan backlash but the way it was handled is just dumb,” Redditor Artistic_Chapter_355 said.

By making the decision to reduce Rollins' appearances and announcing it as a total step back, NBC just dug their own hole. Now the complete absence of her character will only bring more backlash, but so will the lack of a substantial role. The only solution would have been to bring Kelli Giddish back full-time, but that's just wishful thinking.

If you want to see what brings Rollins back to the show, be sure to tune in to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on NBC every Thursday to never miss another episode.

Source: Reddit