It's Getting Hot in Here: Why is Fire Country's Main Character So... Insufferable?

It's Getting Hot in Here: Why is Fire Country's Main Character So... Insufferable?
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Bear with us: Bode is the it-boy of the show, he's hot and everything, but does it mean he can be so annoying?

Bode Donovan is definitely the reason for many fans to keep watching Fire Country no matter how much they hate the plot twists that the writers come up with.

Portrayed by Max Thieriot, he is the show's leading character, and just like any other shiny armor protagonist, he is... borderline insufferable.

Many Fire Country fans note that there is hardly an episode in the show where Bode doesn't do something ridiculous just to prove he's not a coward or to show off.

Does our hero ever need any advice? Never. Is there a chance he can make mistakes sometimes? Absolutely not. What if his colleagues also deserve some respect? Not a chance!

At this point, the fact that Bode can do just about anything and get away with it starts to tire the fans.

"And with no consequences! Almost every episode he disrespects, undermines, or blatantly ignores his superiors and nothing ever happens," Redditor Familiar_Ground3360 noted.

According to fans, the writers consistently miss the mark — and not just with Bode, but with other characters as well.

The only two people on the show who don't seem to irritate fans are Freddie and Eve (and considering Eve almost died, it might be dangerous not to be annoying in this show).

However, some people believe that all the annoying stuff Bode does is meant to make him feel like a human being and not a superhero.

"You're actually supposed to find Bodie's rebelliousness and savior complex frustrating. That's what makes him human. And it also makes total sense given his backstory," Redditor YouThought234 said.

All right, Fire Country fans, maybe it's not time to completely burn the bridges (even if someone like Max Thieriot comes along to put out the fire).

After all, the show is only one season old, and there is plenty of time for the writers to listen to feedback and improve their characters' arcs.