Twilight Haters, Your Time is Up: Robert Pattinson Says It's Cool to Like It Now

Twilight Haters, Your Time is Up: Robert Pattinson Says It's Cool to Like It Now
Image credit: Legion-Media

To the delight of all Twihards, the new Batman actor defended Twilight before his co-star Zoë Kravitz. Hating Twilight is "so 2010," Pattinson said.

The epic exchange happened during an interview with People and was posted on TikTok. In the video, Kravitz says that she hasn't seen Twilight because it's "not her thing." Pattinson replies with a skeptical "Yeah right," and then goes on defending his first big hit.

"It's not even cool to be a hater anymore. That's so 2010," the Edward Cullen actor says.

These words made Twilight fans' hearts melt.

"Seeing Robert defend Twilight even as a joke makes my heart warm lowkey," one of the commenters wrote under the video.

Saying hating Twilight is in the past, the actor let Twihards know that his own disapproval of the vampire saga is long gone.

"Like he wasn't the biggest hater of the Twilight franchise," one of the most popular comments under the video reads.

And it is totally true. While all five instalments of the Twilight franchise became massive hits, a lot of criticism went their way. And the main star of the franchise was at the forefront of those roasting the vampire saga. Pattinson criticized a lot from working conditions on the set of the movies to the very idea of a vampire falling in love with a teenager who he wants "to eat." The actor once told E! that the first novel felt more like an author's sexual fantasy than anything else.

"I was just convinced, like, 'This woman is mad,'" the actor said about Stephenie Meyer back in 2008 (via ComingSoon), "Sometimes you would feel uncomfortable reading this thing."

However, as years passed by, Pattinson became much more approving of the franchise. In 2019, he explained to USA Today that the whole Twilight fame felt very intense and once the craze quieted down, only the fond memories remained which was nice. The actor also added how cool it was that younger people discovered the movies and appreciated them.

The actor knows what he is talking about. Twilight is going through a second wave of popularity. The new generation of fans, including Olivia Rodrigo, made the vampire saga part of the social media culture, widely sharing the best scenes and memes based on the franchise.