It's Official: Writing For 'Stranger Things 5' Has Started

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The fifth and final season is now in the works – and we better get ready.

Hawkins, do you copy? The writing for the fifth season of 'Stranger Things' has started, as announced by the writing board via their Twitter account.

The writers shared a photo from day 1 of their work, showing a magnetic board with the series' logo on it, with the shadows of those involved visible in the reflection.

After a massive cliffhanger that season 4 has left 'Stranger Things' fans with, the news of the fifth chapter being in the works has hyped fans up. In the end of Volume 2 that premiered on Netflix on July 1, Hawkins was struck by a Vecna-induced earthquake that ripped the town with fiery cracks.

Besides, one of the Hawkins gang members, Max Mayfield, is left in a coma after Vecna seemingly manages to possess her mind. Another fan favorite, Eddie Munson, is dead after sacrificing himself to demo bats in the Upside Down and delivering the most metal performance of Metallica.

It remains to be seen just what the fifth season holds, but fans are already rallying in the Twitter threads for the Duffer brothers to bring Eddie back or to make Will Byers and Mike Wheeler end up together.

According to the Duffers, Eddie remains officially dead. When it comes to Will and his ambiguous relationship with Mike, actor Noah Schnapp, who portrays the former, said he believes his character is "100% gay" and in love with his best friend. Other members of the 'Stranger Things' creative team have not commented on the possible developments of the "Byler" pairing.

The premiere date of the fifth and final chapter of 'Stranger Things' remains to be scheduled.

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