"It's Quite Moving:" David Harbour Teases 'Stranger Things' Ending

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Days before the fourth season premieres, David Harbor shared his emotions about the show ending after the fifth season.

There's still quite a long road for 'Stranger Things' to reach its final destination, with season 5 officially confirmed by Netflix. And although the approaching finale of the hit series is still shrouded in mystery, David Harbour, who plays police chief Jim Hopper, already knows how his beloved character's story will end, teasing a touching and beautiful series finale.

In a conversation with Variety the veteran actor gave his opinion on saying goodbye to the Netflix series, revealing that he is already aware of his character's role in season five and beyond.

"I think it varies from person to person, from character to character, and I'm such a harassment specialist that I think I've gotten it out of them. It's been back and forth about like, 'What happens to Hopper? Is he a character that's able to survive Hawkins or does he die?' … I know what happens and it's quite moving, and quite beautiful," Harbour said.

The actor seems to have been passionate about his character from the beginning and demanded from the Duffer brothers to know the truth about their plans from the beginning. And the fact that they told him about it, and that he found Hopper's final moments on the show touching, proves that fans will be more than happy with the series' inevitable finale.

'Stranger Things' fandom is understandably worried about the character's future, hoping that Hopper will survive the events to come.

'Stranger Things' season 4 arrives on Netflix on May 27, 2022.

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