Jack Harlow Drops New Album 'First Class', But What Does 'Euphoria's Angus Cloud Have to Do With It?

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You may know Jack Harlow from his mega-hit with Lil Nas X, 'Industry Baby', and a bunch of many other rap songs that went viral and you just didn't know who performed them.

On Friday, rapper Jack Harlow dropped his new album 'First Class' that features an eponymous track. And this track just had this very special line that immediately propelled it to Twitter trends.

Yes, Harlow literally just rapped "Can't lie, I'm on Angus Cloud 9", and got himself free promo from pretty much every 'Euphoria' fan.

If you still have no idea what's going on, here's a hint: Angus Cloud is an actor portraying Fezco in the mega-hit HBO show 'Euphoria', and it looks like he's the Internet's latest crush. So Harlow definitely knew how to nail that beat.

Instantly turned into a meme. Good job, Harlow.

Among other bops, you might know the Kentuckian rapper for 'What's Popping', 'I Wanna See Some A**', and the smashing collab with Lil Nax X, 'Industry Baby'.

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