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Jamie Lee Curtis Won't Attend Oscars Dinner For Most Relatable Reason Ever

Jamie Lee Curtis Won't Attend Oscars Dinner For Most Relatable Reason Ever
Image credit: Legion-Media

Everything Everywhere All At Once became an instant classic and a cultural phenomenon, with several Academy Awards nods quickly following.

One of the nominations went to Jamie Lee Curtis, who however won't be attending the formal Oscars dinner... only because she goes to bed early.

Everything Everywhere All At Once is a fan favorite any way you put it. It received accolades from critics and fans alike, and already has been graced with several major awards during this awards season.

Now the movie has a staggering number of 11 nominations for the Academy Awards this year. Jamie Lee Curtis is nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

Her role in the movie was insanely memorable, and finally made the Academy realize how outstanding this actress is — the fact that audiences were aware of for decades.

However, the legendary actress, who is known best as the ultimate Scream Queen for her iconic Final Girl role in the Halloween franchise (among other amazing parts), doesn't seem too inclined to attend the annual Oscars nominee dinner.

At the recently held Film Independent Spirit Awards, Lee Curtis revealed that she won't go to said dinner because it takes place too late in an evening for her.

In a TikTok shared by The Hollywood Reporter, Lee Curtis is seen saying that nominee dinner that starts at 7:30 pm will finish at too late an hour for her, because "mommy goes to bed early":

@hollywoodreporter #jamieleecurtis explains why she’s skipping the #oscars nominees dinner at the #spiritawards #filmindependentspiritawards #everythingeverywhereallatonce ♬ original sound - The Hollywood Reporter

She continues on to presume that it will be "9 [o'clock] before we get food", and what she says next is the most relatable thing ever.

"You know what? There's nothing good happening with me after 9 o'clock. Nothing. Zero!" she insists.

The beloved actress just said out loud what all adults might secretly have been thinking all along anyway.

And who can blame Jamie Lee Curtis here for now wanting to endure all the tribulations of a formal evening, while you can get some real nice goodnight rest. And let's face it, this legend is worth it.

Very soon we will finally find out whether Everything Everywhere All At Once scores any awards, including Best Supporting Actress. Fingers crossed.