Jenna Ortega's Net Worth Is Skyrocketing After Netflix's Wednesday

Jenna Ortega's Net Worth Is Skyrocketing After Netflix's Wednesday
Image credit: Netflix

For many actors it was their participation in TV network's series or big franchises that has propelled them to stardom and brought about their enormous wealth. This is exactly what will most likely happen with Jenna Ortega, who stars in Tim Burton's Wednesday, released on Netflix on November 23.

The series follows the adventures of a Nevermore Academy student, Wednesday Addams, who tries to master her emerging psychic ability, prevent a killing spree and solve the murder mystery of 25 years ago involving her parents. Once released, the show has become a smash hit. Even more than that: it has become Netflix 's most-watched show, beating the streaming giant's Stranger Things as the top series.

Obviously, if you are a successful actress, you are well-paid. Ortega's paycheck for Wednesday has never been made public, but let's take a look at Netflix's Stranger Things salaries.

According to Deadline, the range was from $20k to $60k per episode and it would be logical to assume that Ortega's paycheck would be closer to $60k as she is a relatively well-known actress – she started her career as a child actress and was featured in Jane the Virgin comedy drama series and Stuck in the Middle by Disney.

She is also no stranger to Netflix's shows and starred in You and Yes Days series. Before Tim Burton's Wednesday was released, Jenna Ortega 's net worth was estimated to be at least $3 million. The new Netflix's project will certainly make her even richer.

It is also known that as Stranger Things gained momentum and became a hit the cast's salaries increased. So, later seasons normally brought the actors around $250k per episode.

On the one hand it is certainly still a long way from $2 million per episode, that Robert Downey Jr. made for starring in The Sympathizer. But on the other hand, it is on par with the salaries of other Hollywood A-listers. For example, 77 year-old Tom Selleck gets $200k per episode of Blue Bloods.

And now think of Friends and The Big Bang Theory lead actors who grossed about $1 million per episode and it did not stop there. Danielle Radcliffe made a fortune off the Harry Potter franchise, which made him almost $100 million richer. It also gave him freedom to choose projects irrespectively of their financial side.

After Wednesday was out, Jenna's Instagram page got 22 million new followers within just one month! Instagram is a great monetization tool either and it was reported that a sponsored post in Ortega's feed would set you almost 80k back. All things considered, Jenna Ortega seems to be on the right track.