Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy Continues to Mock Captain America in New 'The Boys' Promo

Image credit: Legion-Media, Amazon

Every single thing that Captain America has done is now subjected to a hilarious rendition by Soldier Boy. Sorry, we don't make the rules.

Jensen Ackles' insolent character in 'The Boys' is on a mission to make as much fun of Steve Rogers' cringe-worthy educational video messages as possible. And he is succeeding.

In a new promo for 'The Boys', Soldier Boy is instructing the youngsters... not to take drugs, because it is "not cool". Ackles' character is sitting in front of the camera straight up mocking Captain America's condescending tone from the infamous "So, you got a detention" video. All of this is happening with the American flag in the background and as much unnecessary solemnity as possible.

Naturally, fans quickly "understood that reference".

The irony, though! For those unaware: compound V is a super serum in 'The Boys' that grants anyone taking it superpowers. So basically, it is a superhero kind of drug – even though real heroes, of course, do not use drugs.

Soldier Boy is one of the most anticipated characters to appear in season 3 of 'The Boys'. A living punchline targeting everything Captain America-ish, the character will also be a dangerous rival to anyone who dares to cross him, judging by how he is capable of shooting energy blasts in the trailer.

The new season arrives at Prime Video on June 3.

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