Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy Seems to Be "The Worst Person on Screen", And 'The Boys' Fans Love It

Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy Seems to Be
Image credit: Amazon

Now that's the real hero we deserve.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for season 3 of 'The Boys '

After Amazon released the first three episodes of 'The Boys' season 3, it's been a thunderstorm – not least due to the appearance of Soldier Boy, albeit a brief one. Still, this appearance has already made a lot of people love to hate the new "American hero", with some reviews even suggesting that "suddenly Homelander is not the worst person on the screen anymore" (although that is definitely arguable).

Jensen Ackles ' Soldier Boy is nothing you imagined when you hear the words "American hero": he basically kicks off his on-screen story by saying to a female military officer that she should smile more. When she predictably shuts him down, Soldier Boy resorts to insults.

And guess what: everybody suddenly loves that. In a specific way, but still.

Some people have already suggested that Soldier Boy is everything that Jensen Ackles might have been suppressing during the 15 years of relatively family-friendly 'Supernatural '.

Still, other supes do not seem to be tailing behind Soldier Boy in being despicable, but this is what 'The Boys' fans seem to love about the show: unlike Marvel, 'The Boys' is a dark satire that does not necessarily portray superheroes as, well, heroes.

Soldier Boy only appears in episode 3, almost immediately being supposedly killed by Russians, who then kidnapped his body. And something tells us this is definitely not the time to say goodbye to the character.

'The Boys' are streaming on Prime Video starting June 3, with five episodes to follow through until July.