Jeremy Allen White Trades The Bear's Kitchen For a Huge A24 Gig? Here's All We Know

Jeremy Allen White Trades The Bear's Kitchen For a Huge A24 Gig? Here's All We Know
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The haute cuisine chef will need to take up some music classes.


  • Jeremy Allen White, who’s famous for starring in the comedy show The Bear, is reportedly considered to play Bruce Springsteen in the upcoming biopic.
  • The film’s plot comes from Warren Zanes’s 2023 book and will follow the time when the famous singer composed the most famous album in his career.
  • White’s participation in the project hasn’t been confirmed yet as the actor is currently busy with filming upcoming seasons of The Bear.

One more big role is already on its way to join Jeremy Allen White’s filmography — at least it’s very likely to. As Deadline reports, White, who’s now one of the top Hollywood actors thanks to his current leading role in The Bear, is eyed as top choice to portray rock singer Bruce Springsteen in the upcoming movie Deliver Me from Nowhere that will be directed by Scott Cooper.

And, what’s also exciting, the film will be produced in collaboration with the famous studio A24 — that may already have high chances to bring to the screens yet another cinematic masterpiece alongside Everything Everywhere All at Once, Lady Bird, The Iron Claw (starring Jeremy Allen White too), Priscilla, Midsommar and many others.

The future film will be based on Warren Zanes’s book Deliver Me From Nowhere: The Making of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska that was published last year. The plot follows the singer in 1982 while he’s working on the most popular album of his career called Nebraska.

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As the reports say now, the movie will possibly have some sinister notes hidden behind Springsteen’s successful career’s facade.The plot will supposedly be full of the singer’s life’s personal details starting from his severe childhood spent with a father who struggled with depression which eventually led Springsteen to put some dark thoughts into his most prominent album.

Though if the production is needed to start in the nearest time, the producers may think about another candidate for the leading role rather than White who’s currently busy filming seasons 3 and 4 of the culinary dramedy The Bear.

In case Nebraska doesn’t contradict with the actor’s already existing schedule, the chances are we’ll see one more of Jeremy Allen White’s career boosts pretty soon — and this time he’d better be more acknowledged by the critics who robbed him of well deserved nominations for his role in The Iron Claw.

Source: Deadline