'Jessica Jones' Disney+ Title Change Explained

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Disney+ just changed the title of the Netflix series 'Jessica Jones', and the original comics have something to do with it.

The series, centered around a foul-mouthed private investigator played by Krysten Ritter, debuted on Netflix in 2015 and became one of the Netflixverse's most successful series. After the franchise was shut down due to Disney starting to produce its own MCU series, all the darker versions of the trite superhero formula migrated to Disney+, with no significant cuts at the time. It looks like Marvel Studios is finally doing something about the Netflix legacy, renaming the Ritter series to 'AKA Jessica Jones'.

It seems that this sudden change was made only to more truthfully relate Jones' screen persona to her comic book identity, since in the original stories Jones was widely known by the moniker 'Alias'.

"AKA is just another word for 'Alias', the name of the comics. It's the name of her private investigation firm. Probably because she used to be a superhero by the name of 'Jewel'. Also, it's a good name to attract people who want to investigate a person and hide their identity from that person." – /0imactta.

And of course, given the sudden interest in the Jessica Jones persona, some fans quickly created a pretty plausible theory that Disney + was laying the groundwork for the production of a project starring Krysten Ritter.

"It might be to prepare for a Season 4, or perhaps something as simple as them just wanting to restore the original title the show was gonna have on ABC but Netflix didn't like." – /ProjectDarkInfinity.

Some people are wondering if this indicates that the Jones' alias Jewel from the comic books might be used in the future MCU series.

"I wonder if they have plans to reintroduce the "Jewel" persona. You really only need "AKA" if there's, you know, another name the character goes by. Luke Cage at least is only referred to as "Powerman" in a joking, friendly mocking way by one of the barbershop guys; there's no indication he actually ever wanted to be called that (in the show)." – /bigolfishey.

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