Jesus Christ, Martin Scorsese May Cast Two MCU Stars For His Next Film

Jesus Christ, Martin Scorsese May Cast Two MCU Stars For His Next Film
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The proclaimed director is switching his focus to major historical figures.


  • After releasing Killers of the Flower Moon starring Leonardo DiCaprio last year, Martin Scorsese is back to work — and two major MCU actors may star in the director’s new project about a historical figure.
  • If the reports are confirmed anytime soon, one of the actors will get a chance to reunite with Scorsese after their 2016 collaboration.
  • The upcoming movie’s plot will come from a Japanese writer’s novel and will mark one of Scorsese’s final projects before retiring.

Even after Killers of the Flower Moon’s immense success with both critics and audience last year, it’s not a break time for Martin Scorsese.

As the news is coming in about his reviving project about Frank Sinatra that will most likely star Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, Scorsese is having another exciting film on his to-do list — and the latter may feature a combo of two major Marvel stars.

Back in 2023, while meeting with Pope Francis, Martin Scorsese announced his plans for directing a film about Jesus which at that time he was already working on.

Now, as Variety reports, the director has already found two actors that could potentially take up the leading roles — Andrew Garfield, famous for his superhero role in Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, and Miles Teller, who garnered international fame after appearing in 2015 Fantastic Four.

So far no plot details have been revealed and the roles that the actors will get to play are also not specified, thus it’s still unclear whether Garfield will portray the God’s son or rather one of his disciples.

Yet the stakes are high that The Amazing Spider-Man’s actor may end up with Jesus Christ’s role — Scorsese himself expressed the desire to reunite with Garfield after they worked together on the epic historical drama Silence where the latter portrayed a Portuguese Catholic priest.

Scorsese’s upcoming movie with Andrew Garfield in the presumably leading role may finally make it up to Silence’s failure back in 2016.

Despite receiving a critical acclaim of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes and even ending up with an Oscar nomination for Best Cinematography, the film became a total box office disappointment earning only $23 million against the initial budget of $40-50 million.

The future film, just like Silence, will be based on Japanese author Shūsaku Endō’s novel, becoming one of the two movies that the director wants to make before his retirement.

Source: Variety