Jim Carrey's Best Movie Ever Stayed Forgotten For Whole 24 Years

Jim Carrey's Best Movie Ever Stayed Forgotten For Whole 24 Years
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Yeah, The Truman Show and The Mask were great, but hear us out.

Jim Carrey 's acting portfolio is full of true gems: from Bruce Almighty to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, he has proven his range as both a comedy powerhouse and a master of drama.

However, out of the many Jim Carrey movies, many stay forgotten even though they could've deserved as much praise and clout as the renowned hits. This is exactly what happened with a 2000 gem Me Myself and Irene — the title you probably hear for the first time, and it's no wonder why.

Is Me Myself and Irene a Good Movie?

The movie failed at the box office: with a budget of $51 million, it brought back only $149 million. It is a story of a "good cop" with Split Personality Disorder who turns into a completely different person when he runs out of medication.

Me Myself and Irene is a textbook example of a movie that aged badly because of the way it portrays mental illness. Critics and viewers on Rotten Tomatoes seem to agree: the movie has 48% on Tomatometer and 57% from audience, which doesn't really sound like a "best movie ever", does it?

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Well, turns out many people still believe Me Myself and Irene is a massively underrated gem — at least according to Reddit. Dumb and Dumber, you say?

"It's probably the best comedy by the Farrelys and that's saying a lot. I wonder if I should rewatch Dumb And Dumber and the rest of them because I really don't want to be disappointed," Redditor Deboche said.

Others agree, arguing that Me Myself and Irene is "a killer comedy" that showcases "Jim Carrey at his best." The way he transforms his face in this movie is a whole story on its own; besides, for many fans, Me Myself and Irene is not just a comedy that mocks people with mental illnesses, but rather "a film about emotionally maturing and learning how to stand up for yourself.

But perhaps it did go too far sometimes — and maybe that was a reason for its commercial and mainstream downfall.

"Over the years, I've become convinced that one of the main reasons that it failed to have a more appreciative audience is that Hank Evans losing his thumb soured the ending and left a horrible aftertaste in most people minds," Redditor ZorroMeansFox said.

Where to Watch Me Myself and Irene?

If you want to make up your own mind on the early Jim Carrey gem, you can stream Me Myself and Irene on Starz, or rent it on Apple TV for $3.99.