Jim Parsons Hardly Made It Through This TBBT Scene

Jim Parsons Hardly Made It Through This TBBT Scene
Image credit: CBS

Who knew spanking could be so much fun for someone?

The Big Bang Theory is a show full of comedic scenes that make fans laugh so hard they might cry.

The interactions between the beloved main characters have always been hilarious, making the show almost the definition of the word.

But it seems that some scenes were as funny for the cast as they were for the fans. Like the one that happened in episode 10 of season 6.

In that episode, we witnessed Sheldon and Amy's relationship take a new level (and what a new level it was).

Well, the thing is, with Sheldon being so antisocial, it was hard for Amy to be his girlfriend, because she always expected at least something physical to happen between them, but she got almost nothing all the time.

But then an opportunity presented itself. Sheldon found out that Amy had been lying about being sick for a long time in order to trick him into taking care of her a little longer.

Furious at this behavior, Sheldon decides to punish his boo. And nothing fits the occasion better than a good old-fashioned spanking!

So the next thing we see on screen is Sheldon with a dead serious face spanking Amy, and Amy having so much fun and actually looking happy.

But as it turns out, during the shooting, Parsons couldn't stop laughing and had to retake the scene several times. He found it all so amusing that he just couldn't help himself.

The thing that made him so nervous and giggly about that scene was actually the fact that he never prepared for it to actually be filmed, because at first they said it was going to be off-camera.

So Jim Parsons had no idea how to act during the shoot.

In the end, this particular scene became one of the funniest in the entire show. Well, it just goes to show that professional actors can do anything… literally anything.