Jodie Foster's 'Must Watch' Recommendations Are Nothing You'd Expect

Jodie Foster's 'Must Watch' Recommendations Are Nothing You'd Expect
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The actress' picks for the most essential movies that everyone should see are certainly unexpected.


  • Jodie Foster has had a long and fruitful career in Hollywood, becoming a household name as both an actress and a filmmaker
  • Given all this, many fans would have expected her picks for the most important films to be fairly predictable
  • However, the actress has a rather unusual sense of humor and really enjoys one particular controversial film from the creators of South Park

Jodie Foster's career in Hollywood, which at this point spans over five decades, is definitely an extraordinary one, as she has proven herself to be not only a great actress, but also a very talented filmmaker.

Starting out with small roles, the actress quickly rose to fame, starring in several iconic films over the years, such as Taxi Driver and The Silence of the Lambs, while also dedicating time to directing and producing various projects.

Jodie Foster's Taste In Movies Is Quite Unorthodox

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With such an impressive background in the film industry behind her, one might expect Foster's taste in favorite films to include some established classics, but her choice of "must see" movies might actually surprise you.

While speaking with Interview magazine, Foster was asked what movies she thinks every person should see at least once in their life, only for her to give a surprising answer.

Her first choice turned out to be 2022's Everything Everywhere All at Once, which, despite being a relatively recent release, has already managed to capture the hearts of countless fans around the world and has been showered with all sorts of accolades and awards.

The film managed to offer a fresh take on the now rather tired concept of a multiverse, which, along with brilliant acting, a heartfelt story and clever humor, instantly made it one of the greatest films of recent years.

The Actress Rated The Incredibly Controversial 2004 Film Even Higher

The second essential film, according to the actress, is much more unexpected, as she apparently has a soft spot for the 2004 puppet comedy Team America: World Police, rating it even higher than the 2022 comedy-drama.

Coming from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the legendary sitcom South Park, the movie followed a team of special agents as they fought terrorism all over the world, blissfully ignoring all the collateral damage that was caused along the way.

If you're even remotely familiar with the work of Parker and Stone, you can probably guess that Team America was not afraid to tackle some incredibly controversial topics and was filled with countless jokes that many people might find offensive.

However, poking fun at taboo subjects that most other projects wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole is exactly what earned shows like South Park the love of countless fans, and this movie was no exception, even if it certainly wasn't to everyone's taste.

Foster explained her love for the controversial movie by saying that her sense of humor is actually "very dumb" and that she enjoys laughing at "really intense things".

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Fans certainly weren't expecting such a down-to-earth answer to such a tricky question, as she could have easily named something like Citizen Kane, but it's definitely a welcome surprise that only adds to her likability as a person.

Jodie Foster's most recent on-screen appearance is in the fourth season of the TV series True Detective, which turned out to be the best season of the show since the absolutely brilliant season 1.

The fourth episode of True Detective: Night Country will premiere on February 4, 2024.

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