John Krasinski's Children Have the Perfect Reaction to the Dunder Mifflin Gang

John Krasinski's Children Have the Perfect Reaction to the Dunder Mifflin Gang
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John Krasinski's kids can't believe he played Jim Halpert, think their father works in a literal office.

John Krasinski might be an accomplished actor and filmmaker but for millions of The Office fans he will always be Jim Halpert, a handsome, smart, and funny salesman who would play tricks on his co-worker Dwight Schrute and chat up the receptionist of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Pam Beesley.

However, the actor's two daughters, Hazel and Violet, were born after the mockumentary comedy ended in 2013, and have never seen their father playing an iconic role until recently. In an interview with Stephen Colbert Krasinski described how his six and eight-year-old reacted to watching their father portray Jim Halpert.

The actor said kids learned about The Office on their own, and his wife, Emily Blunt, suggested showing them the first episode. Their reaction was hilarious.

The oldest turned out to be "a screen talker-atter," as Krasinski put it, meaning that Hazel is talking to the screen while watching something. So when she first encountered Michael Scott's peculiar sense of humor, she went, "You're a horrible person!" to the delight of her father who immediately decided to introduce his kids to Steve Carell.

As for the younger daughter, Violet, she couldn't believe Jim Halpert was actually a character played by her father. The girl repeated several times that the guy on the screen looked very different from John Krasinski who did his best to not take that as an insult.

"[She] watched two more episodes being like, "That's not you. Guy looks a lot like you, though,"" the actor described, laughing.

The kids apparently have a hard time believing their father is a popular actor. Krasinski told a story about how he was once approached by The Office fan while walking the girls to school. The fan said it was very good to see John from The Office, and they kept walking. That's when one of the daughters asked whether a stranger was John's co-worker. And when the actor said he was not, the daughter had the best reaction.

"He just said he knows you from the office!" the girl exclaimed.

This hilarious story has become a source of laughter for the actor. Krasinsky joked that his kids probably thought Emily Blunt married an average office worker "out of charity," just because she got into the character of Mary Poppins too much.