John Wick Might Get A Spin-off, And It's Not What You Think

John Wick Might Get A Spin-off, And It's Not What You Think
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Chapter 4 star is open to the idea of starring in his own movie.

With the amazing success of John Wick: Chapter 4, which received a 95% rating from both critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes upon its release, as well as the highest opening weekend gross of the entire franchise, it is time for the creators to think about future expansions of the world of professional assassins.

Aside from the upcoming TV miniseries The Continental, which will serve as a prequel to the films and focus on how Winston Scott became the manager of New York's Continental Hotel, a new possibility for a spin-off has appeared on the horizon.

Donnie Yen, a Hong Kong actor and martial arts movie legend who played the role of the blind assassin Caine in Chapter 4, has expressed his desire to star in his own standalone movie.

"I'd love to do a 'John Wick' spinoff centered around Caine," Yen said in an interview with Variety. He added that "there's always 'talks' in Hollywood" regarding the possibility of the movie seeing the light of day.

Warning: Spoilers for John Wick: Chapter 4 ahead.

After John apparently meets his demise after an intense duel with Caine at the end of the movie, a post-credits scene shows the blind assassin being confronted by Akira, the daughter of Osaka Continental Hotel manager Koji, who was killed by Caine earlier in the movie.

This scene may indicate that Caine's story is far from over.

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Fans were impressed with how well a 59-year-old actor did in such an action-packed role and would like to see more of him on the big screen.

They're also drawing parallels to Yen's other iconic portrayal of a blind warrior, Chirrut Îmwe from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016).

"A spin-off with Caine and Akira would be fantastic imo. Both knocked it out of the park. I really hope Stahelski directs it if it happens, though. Dude knows action so well," Reddit user flipperkip97 said.

Another popular suggestion for a spin-off character is Mr. Nobody, portrayed by Shamier Anderson, a bounty hunter who was also sent after John Wick in the fourth film and ended up helping him in the film's climax.