Joker's on You, Barbie: New $1B Clubber Dances Past 19 Million Views in Just 2 Days

Joker's on You, Barbie: New $1B Clubber Dances Past 19 Million Views in Just 2 Days
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Barbie and Ken who? It's Joker and Harley era. Again.


  • Joker: Folie à Deux released its first trailer a couple of days ago, but it has already taken social media by storm
  • The trailer quickly soared past 19 million views on YouTube alone, with the overall social media footprint counting way over 150 million viewers buzzing about the upcoming Joker sequel
  • For Warner Bros., the Joker 2 trailer has become the biggest and most-talked about since Barbie

Joker: Folie à Deux has already posed a couple of challenges for itself. First of all, it has a pretty high bar set by its first movie; secondly, it will be a Joker movie that is also a musical of sorts; thirdly, it looks like it is already posed to dethrone Barbie as Warner Bros. most recent big success.

Judging by the numbers already raked by Folie à Deux's first trailer, all three challenges don't seem that challenging at this point.

On YouTube alone, the trailer has already amassed over 19 million views, and the number will be growing.

Moreover, according to Variety, the trailer's social engagement has already surpassed that of the first Barbie trailer, and that means that life in plastic might soon make way for the life that turned out to be a comedy when we talk about Warner Bros. biggest launch in recent years.

On social media, everyone is pretty much sold on the first trailer: even the people who were cautious about Folie à Deux being a musical seem to be intrigued.

"I was worried when this was announced. Then I grew to hyped when I new it had musical elements [...] Then I heard most songs weren’t original which worried me. But this trailer couldn’t be better and has cleared all my worries. Though it looks quite different, it gave me the same type of intrigued, hyped feeling the excellent trailer for the first one did," Redditor Latereviews2 said.

On X and Instagram, Joker also quickly danced to the top mentions, launching at least 10 terms on X in the first 24 hours of the trailer release, per Variety.

Will Joker 2 Surpass Barbie?

Joker's on You, Barbie: New $1B Clubber Dances Past 19 Million Views in Just 2 Days - image 1

Given all the talk about how the Joker sequel has already secured one win against Barbie, the movie might as well beat it in box office. Barbie earned $1.4 billion worldwide, immediately joining the $1 billion club. The first Joker movie is also a member, albeit with a much more modest $1.074 billion in its box office.

With the hype Folie à Deux enjoys now, the sequel has all chances to beat Margot Robbie 's pink hit. But we will know for sure only on October 4, when Joker: Folie à Deux hits the big screens.

Source: Variety