Joker's Real Name Might Have Been Revealed

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It's weird to even think that this guy has an actual human name, isn't it?

We don't discuss the fact that Joker has canonically remained nameless enough. However, it seems that one of DC's biggest mysteries has been revealed, and we now know the actual real name of Batman's archenemy.

To be fair, Joker's real name was never that much in the spotlight. One of the most iconic villains in the superhero universe, the Clown Prince was doing just right without any kind of human alter-ego.

But the mystery has always troubled DC fans – and in the new issue of 'Flashpoint Beyond', it seems that Joker's name is finally unveiled.

The events in the Flashpoint universe take place during the time of Thomas Wayne's Batman. In the new issue, Batman is on a mission to hunt down Clockwork Killer, who is his former wife and the mother of Bruce Wayne – Martha. In this universe, Bruce's murder has sent Martha on a dark path, so she became the Joker and the main enemy of her own husband.

In 'Flashpoint Beyond #5', Martha appears to have learned the name of the Joker on Earth-0 – the original universe. She learns it after interrogating Psycho-Pirate, who reveals that Joker is named Jack Oswald White on Earth-0, and he is a failed comedian who has to work at Wayne Casino to make ends meet.

Despite the fact that movies had Joker being called differently – for instance, Jack Nicholson's Joker was also called Jack, while Joaquin Phoenix's character went by Arthur Fleck – it is highly possible that the canon name of Joker who lives on Earth-Prime is actually Jack Oswald White. The chances are high because characters' variants usually share the same name with their multiverse alter-egos.

The many cinematic adaptations of the Batman and Joker story might deviate from what seems to be a canonic name of Joker, but they might as well follow the comics. The most recent movie adaptation by Matt Reeves, 'The Batman', has not yet settled on any actual name for Joker, this time around portrayed by Barry Keoghan.

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