Joseph Quinn Was Anxious to 'Step Into' Steve-Dustin Dynamic in 'Stranger Things'

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Too shy to steal the show?

It turns out that 'Stranger Things' rising star Joseph Quinn was anxious when he was first stepping into the dynamics between Gaten Matarazzo and Joe Keery's characters, Dustin and Steve.

The Eddie Munson actor shared it when speaking to Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show'. Quinn joked about being Gaten's "side Joe" given that Keery's Steve is already a big fan favorite.

"I was quite nervous about this dynamic, because… Gaten and Joe [Keery's] characters, their dynamic is something that people really-really like," Quinn said. "And I was very conscious, like, stepping into it, being Gaten's "side Joe"... and not really wanting to step on anyone's toes."

He was, perhaps, way too modest. Quinn's character Eddie Munson garnered a massive amount of love, with season 4 definitely propelling him to arguably a higher pedestal among fans than the one Steve Harrington has enjoyed over the course of the previous seasons.

According to Quinn, he had "the best time" with his fellow cast members, especially with Matarazzo and Keery.

Joseph's candid revelations have warmed fans' hearts even more. They praised the actor as "humble" and "kind", almost tearing up over how grateful Quinn seems to be for the fan love he receives.

Earlier in the month, Quinn made everyone emotional when he went tearful during a convention as someone praised him for taking his time when dealing with large crowds of fans.

"He deserves better. He just wants his fans to know he is grateful for the love they gave him and Eddie. My heart. I started sobbing with him." – @ihrteddie1

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