Josh Allen's Old Tweets Stir Up Drama Amid Romance with Hailee Steinfeld

Josh Allen's Old Tweets Stir Up Drama Amid Romance with Hailee Steinfeld
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The love between the MCU star and the NFL player continues to grow, but so does the fans' aversion.


  • Actress Hailee Steinfeld is dating Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.
  • Their feelings are growing stronger as the actress has begun to publicly support her boyfriend's team.
  • However, Steinfeld's fans have discovered just how problematic Allen is.

Relationships between celebrities are always the subject of incredible frenzy among fans. Even more frenzy occurs when two realities collide — fans of entertainment industry and fans of major sports. For example, Swifties are freaking out about Taylor dating NFL star Travis Kelce. Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen's relationship with Hollywood and MCU star Hailee Steinfeld is getting just as much hype.

But what generates more hype than the relationship itself? Drama, of course! A close critical eye of those interested in the entertainment industry and its problematic nature often brings from the abyss of oblivion not the most pleasant facts that can change the attitude towards the partners of their idols. Despite their attempts at privacy, Steinfeld and Allen have attracted a lot of attention, and in particular the footballer's old Twitter posts full of slurs and racist jokes have come under public scrutiny.

Relationship Timeline

Shortly after it was rumored that the 27-year-old NFL star had broken up with Brittany Williams, it was reported that he was romantically interested in 26-year-old actress Hailee Steinfeld, now known for voicing Gwen Stacy in The Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and for her role as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye and The Marvels. In May 2023, the stars were spotted in each other's company, marking the beginning of their relationship.

Neither of them officially confirmed it, but neither of them denied their relationship status as well. In August, however, Allen admitted in a conversation on the Pardon My Take podcast that he was surprised by the public's interest in his personal life.

'The fact that anybody cares about that still blows my mind,' he said. That said, he did not correct the host's reference to Steinfeld as Allen's girlfriend.

Buffalo Quarterback's Biggest Fan

The relationship between the two stars seems to be growing stronger as Steinfeld has been spotted spending more and more time in Buffalo. She seems to be incredibly supportive of her lover's team, giving him motivation and, consequently, victories for the Bills.

In October, a photo surfaced of the actress and Josh's mother, LaVonne Allen, shopping for team gear before Bill's Week 4 matchup.

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Josh Allen's Problematic Tweets Spark Drama

Naturally, Steinfeld's warm relationship with Allen drew the former's fans' attention to the athlete, revealing his old tweets.

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Since 2011, the future NFL star has tweeted many inappropriate comments, including misogynistic and racist jokes, slurs, and even the N-word. The last such tweet is listed as 2016, when he was practically obsessed with Hitler jokes. It's worth noting that, unlike the 2011-12 posts, Allen was already 20 years old at the time, which means he was pretty self-aware when it came to writing various nasty things.

It wasn't just Hailee fans who reminded Allen of this: in 2022, during the Bussin' With The Boys podcast, they talked about his problematic tweets.

'I don't think it was anything terribly bad, but there was a couple of things and it blew up on Twitter, and I just thought my life was tumbling in front of me,' he replied. 'I probably lost 10 pounds that day, from crying and throwing up and… So, I fit in my tux pretty good though. l looked good for camera, ya know.'

Even though Allen's remarks happened years ago, fans are now questioning whether their favorite actress should continue to date him because, in their opinion, people with such views don't change much. Of course, Hailee herself has gotten into messy situations on more than one occasion, but these were often misinterpretations, manipulations, and even hacks that absolved the actress of responsibility. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, deliberately posted such things.

Source: Pardon My Take, Bussin' With The Boys.