Josh Lucas’ Yellowstone Return Was Settled Over a Text

Josh Lucas’ Yellowstone Return Was Settled Over a Text
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We can only hope no one changes their mind now.


  • Although the finale is approaching, Taylor Sheridan 's Yellowstone is still at the center of everyone's attention.
  • Josh Lucas, who plays a young version of John Dutton on the show, was one of the cast members whose comeback in season 5, part 2 had fans most concerned.
  • According to the actor, the matter was settled directly with Sheridan himself via a simple text message.

Some series end due to lack of funding and high production costs. Others slowly lose viewers to the point where there is no need to continue because no one is tuning in. But the most painful endings of all are those dictated by circumstances beyond anyone's control.

In the case of Yellowstone, neither the spin-offs nor the past four and a half seasons can help viewers get over their grief. The show that revived the Western genre on television and became a sensation must now end due to the departure of Kevin Costner, who portrayed the main character, John Dutton.

However, with half of the season still to air before the show bids its final farewell, fans are still wondering if there is a chance to see the Dutton patriarch again.

Will John Dutton Be Back to Yellowstone on Season 5 Part 2?

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As much as we all hope to see Kevin Costner back for Yellowstone in season 5 part 2, which is set to premiere this November, it's unlikely that he will appear. Instead, we'll get to see how the story unfolded for young John Dutton in the past. Portrayed by Josh Lucas, he will be brought back.

Lucas answered the question about his appearance in the second part of Yellowstone's final season while attending the red carpet for the Apple TV Plus miniseries premiere, Palm Royale, where he had a role as Douglas. Seemingly successful outside of Yellowstone, the actor managed to reassure fans of the Duttons: he will be there to say goodbye to the show.

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In fact, all he needed to settle his return was a phone and a few kind words to send to Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. And that's how being nice can go a long way, even in a career as tough as entertainment.

"I did text Taylor [Sheridan] a couple of months back and said, 'Hey man, I’ve loved working on the show so much'. He’s like, 'well we’ll be back'. I think we're going to do ten or so more episodes and wrap up the story," the actor said.

Now that viewers of Yellowstone can rest assured that Josh Lucas will be back as young John Dutton, they can start theorizing about what moments from John Dutton's past they will see. 10 episodes is a big number, so the arc has to be substantial enough to keep the actor coming back.

If you are interested to see how Yellostone will end and how it will lead to another Matthew McConaughey sequel, be sure to keep an eye out for all the news and behind-the-scenes updates of the show. Until season 5 part 2 arrives, you can always watch all the previous episodes on Paramount Plus.

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