Kamala Khan Rocks a Different Suit in 'The Marvels', And Fans Are Not Fond of It

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We were so close to the perfect Ms. Marvel look…

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Ms. Marvel' episode 6

In the 'Ms. Marvel' finale, Kamala Khan finally assembled her perfect look when her mother handed her a handmade costume that delicately combined both her cultural heritage and superhero identity.

She now has her signature red scarf that her Red Daggers friend Kareem gave her, her own symbol which originates from the first letter of her name in Arabic, as well as her mask and the bangle. Fans could not have been more rejoiced about the final look.

But, according to some pictures leaked from 'The Marvels' set, Kamala's outfit will seemingly face drastic changes, and not everyone is very enthusiastic about that.

What seems to irritate fans the most is the fact that the purported 'The Marvels' version of Kamala's suit looks way more like that of Carol Danvers.

However, it does not necessarily mean that the 'Ms. Marvel' version of the suit will not appear in the movie at all.

Still, many fans are disappointed with Marvel's long-standing tradition of constantly changing the outfits for the characters. If you recall other movies, characters really do change their style every single time they re-appear on big screens.

Kamala's original suit has indeed had too long a path to just get ditched like that in 'The Marvels'. The young superheroine was assembling her look throughout the entire season, while the movie might just have her quickly changing into a new suit that is unlikely to have such a background story.

Still, it would make sense to wait until 'The Marvels' premieres in theaters. The release date is currently scheduled for July 28, 2023.

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