Kevin Costner-Led Sports Drama Dubbed 'Better Than Moneyball' Joins Netflix

Kevin Costner-Led Sports Drama Dubbed 'Better Than Moneyball' Joins Netflix
Image credit: Lionsgate, Sony Pictures Releasing

If you enjoyed Brad Pitt’s Moneyball, you’ll love this sports drama with the Yellowstone star.

Sports dramas are one of the most predictable but at the same time most energizing and thrilling movie genres ever. Most of them follow the exact same frame, but does it really matter when the stakes are so high and the adrenaline is through the roof?

If you’re a fellow sports drama enjoyer, Netflix just added a very special treato for you to its already quite impressive portfolio of movies.

Kevin Costner Saves the Day

Let’s be honest, whenever it comes to his on-screen adventures, Kevin Costner and saving the day are effectively synonyms. But this time around, the iconic Western actor traded his horse and gun for a car and a baseball, and his main enemy isn’t someone trespassing on his property but the rivaling teams his club has to defeat.

When he acquires the number one pick for his team on the NFL Draft day, Cleveland Browns’ General Manager has too much on his mind to think clearly. Apart from having to choose from two equally terrible players, he thinks about his pregnant lover, his boss who’s out to fire him… Everything is falling apart around him and he’s desperate; will he be able to make the right call in at least one of these scenarios?

Draft Day Just Joined Netflix

Kevin Costner’s sports drama fares pretty well for the genre when it comes to its reception: the movie has 60 & 65% Critic and Audience Scores on Rotten Tomatoes and a solid 6.8 on IMDb. Some fans even swear that Draft Day is better than Brad Pitt’s iconic Moneyball, though it’s a risky statement considering the latter’s scores are in the 90%'s.

Draft Day recently joined Netflix’s roster, making this compelling baseball drama yet easier to watch. Your other options for streaming Kevin Costner’s 2014 outing are Apple TV and Prime Video.

Draft Day is up there in the best sports dramas list, so the next time you want to see something more than just a generic success story, make sure to add it to your queue.