Kevin Dillon Sheds A Light On 'Entourage' Returning

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It looks like the hit HBO comedy might actually return in the future, with Johnny Drama struggling to make his way in Hollywood again.

'Entourage' premiered on HBO back in 2004, and the comedy, which tells the story of one promising actor's rise to superstardom, instantly became a worldwide hit. The show ran for eight seasons, showcasing multiple cameos and interesting storylines, hilariously debunking Hollywood myths. Although the show ended some time ago, fans still look forward to its return, hoping to see Adrien Grenier, Jeremy Piven and Kevin Dillon in their iconic roles.

And it looks like fans are not alone in their desires, as Dillon himself has expressed his willingness to revive 'Entourage' years after the series ended. Speaking to Screen Rant about the possibility of revamping the series, the actor talked about what the future might hold for Johnny Drama.

"I'd like to think if we were doing reboot, I'd like to think somehow he's struggling again, because I love a struggling Johnny Drama. If he's too successful, I don't know, I think I prefer to watch him fighting for everything. Yeah, he won the Golden Globe, but maybe his career, he's like in a hole and he's back to the old Drama stuff again," Dillon said.

And fans are ready for it, arguing that a modern version of 'Entourage' might be what everyone needs in these strange times.

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