'Killing Eve' Spin-Off Is In The Works, Will Center On The Surprising Character's Past

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'Killing Eve' is nearing its end with the last episode debuting next week.

BBC America and AMC are looking to capitalize on the show's critical success, developing a spin-off series centered on Fiona Shaw's mysterious MI6 spy Carolyn Martens.

Upcoming show will reveal character's past and her rising through the ranks of British Secret Service. Fiona Shaw received two Emmy nominations for her portrayal of the spymaster mentoring Sandra Oh's Eve. The enigmatic character quickly became a fan favorite, and the scant details known about her will undoubtedly raise intrigue for the upcoming series.

Yet, nothing is certain – the untitled spin-off is only reaching its early development stage, and is yet to be greenlit. Since the action takes place long before the events of 'Killing Eve', Shaw, Oh and Jody Comer certainly have nothing to do with it. Involvement of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who left the showrunner position after the first season, is unquestionably out of the picture too.

It looks like BBC America will have to start from scratch, simultaneously being careful not to disappoint fans of the original series in the process.

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