Kim Hanbin Made a Hilarious Fanchant to His Own Song And Now He Can't Stop Laughing

Kim Hanbin Made a Hilarious Fanchant to His Own Song And Now He Can't Stop Laughing
Image credit: Instagram

K-pop is famous for powerful fanchants and mesmerizing crowd singing.

Even when B.I was still in iKON and produced the group songs, he always made sure that every song could be enjoyed together with the fans. Since then Kim Hanbin has established his own '131 label' agency and nowadays he and his team have to do a lot of things themselves, working hard through trials and errors. But his determination to create an exciting atmosphere at the concerts together with the whole crowd is still the same.

Because of COVID-19, the artist hasn't met his fans in a long time. Hanbin made a solo debut with full album 'Waterfall' in summer of 2021 and then released a half album 'Cosmos' in November. With the hopeful thought of performing his songs in front of the fans somewhen in future, the artist jokingly made a fanchant guide for his title track 'Cosmos'. He filmed a video sitting comfortably in his home music studio with ruffled hair in casual clothes and uploaded it on his YouTube channel for the fans to enjoy. Well, he definitely should have known that IDs (that's what B.I's fans are called) who missed him so much and who have been waiting to see him on stage for such a long time, will take this guide quite seriously.

However, one could say Hanbin didn't have any serious thought in mind at all when creating the fanchant to this song. Right from the first line, he suggested the following shout out:

"Stay out of my reach like the clouds passing over my head (tang)

Non neul mori wireul chinaganeun teungureum-chorom nae sonae tahchi MALA (TANG)"

Malatang is a popular Chinese street food that is very similar to a spicy hot pot. Looks like by asking fans to add "tang" to his "mala", Hanbin wanted to add some spiciness to his otherwise sweet and romantic song.

Waving an adorable yellow chick pen as a concert lightstick, B.I continued the process of creating his unique fanchant, asking fans to shout "HEY!", "HA!" and "AH!" in random moments of the song. Although, some of the fans consider these moments not to be so random, after all. For example, according to the Naver dictionary, the word "ah-jjir-han" means 'Feeling faint and light-headed suddenly in surprise', so if fans shout "AH!" at this moment, it might look like a portrayal, a living reaction to the lyrics.

No one would be surprised if they were asked to sing along to any chorus of a K-pop song with catchy lyrics, especially if the line is in English is "You are my cosmos". The whole crowd singing this line back to the singer would sound very beautiful.

But after such an unexpectedly ordinary move, Hanbin turns on his creativity back again and challenges IDs to use their gentle voices and sing a melody, fully built only with high notes. What are the lyrics? Of course, it's "Kim Hanbin is cool" ("Kim Hanbin jjang"). After repeating the line about cosmos, in the second half of the chorus it's time for some praise to Hanbin's fandom (also in falsetto) with a line: "IDs are cool" ("ID jjang").

If you thought that this was a limit to Hanbin's imagination, wait until you hear what he has prepared for the end of the chorus. IDs are expected to put on a cool hat of an underground rapper and read out a whole sentence in rhythm. B.I said it's the 'highlight' of the song, and he noted that this line can be sung freely however you want (yes, because it doesn't really fit the melody or rhyme and there's not enough time to even finish singing). By the way, there are three times in the song where this narration-like line comes up. But our IDs are not afraid of the challenges anymore, right?

"Don't fall like the petals on flower (we will never fall down so don't you do anything like that too)"

After this short rap performance, repeating some words in lyrics, following the melody or shouting "HEY!" here and there seems like an easy thing to do.

What Hanbin didn't predict was the fact that the pandemic would eventually end and finally the artist and his fans would be able to meet face to face at various concerts and festivals.

As soon as Hanbin started singing his song 'Cosmos', IDs quickly remembered the fanchant guide that he had provided for them and… very eagerly tried to sing along. The unexpected loud 'malatang' by the crowd right in the beginning of the song took the artist completely by surprise.

But nothing, not even Hanbin's knowledge of the fanchant he created with his own hands, could prepare him for the moment when the song reached the chorus. As soon as B.I heard hundreds of people sing cutely in falsetto "Kim Hanbin jjang~" and then try to rap the warning line about petals falling off, he laughed and missed the following lyrics.

Even during the next performances of 'Cosmos', since high notes couldn't be easily reached by everyone in the audience and there is several rap lines with improvised pronunciation, every time this song's chorus comes up, it is immediately followed by ID's fanchant and then fans' smiles and laughter afterwards.

Well, what can we say; IDs do take their homework seriously. Even if next time Hanbin challenges them to an even more unique fanchant, the fans will surely follow along, creating an even more joyful atmosphere at a concert.