Knives Out Duo Reunites in a Rotten Romcom Conquering Apple TV’s Top

Knives Out Duo Reunites in a Rotten Romcom Conquering Apple TV’s Top
Image credit: Lionsgate, Apple TV+

It proves how deliciously terrible star-studded features can be.


  • The actors of the 2019 mystery hit starred in the AppleTV’s romantic comedy.
  • It follows a man who gets entangled in a CIA agent’s mission falling for her.

5 years ago, Rian Johnson’s mystery masterpiece won over millions of fans around the world with a compelling detective story assembling an eleven-actor all-star cast. Among the leading actors there were the two young ones, whose onscreen chemistry was so outstanding that it became one of the whole movie’s most remarkable moments.

They got back starring in an action romcom in 2023, which, surprisingly, totally lacks the very tension between them, as well as the motivation of the characters’ deeds and the quality of screenwriting as a whole.

Its story starts off by depicting an incidental encounter of Cole, a lonely farmer, and an art-curating femme fatale named Sadie, which ends by a one-night-stand. Later, Cole’s messages to her remain unanswered, but Chekhov's gun shoots right in the audience’s face, as he manages to locate her via a tracker that he accidentally left in her bag.

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The most interesting part begins at that very particular moment, when we, as well as Cole, realize Sadie is not who she is pretending to be. The truth is that she’s a CIA agent on her mission to find a dangerous criminal, which disturbs the two to reconcile.

The following development of the plot involves exploitation of the classic spy movies’ tropes, romantic comedies’ cliches and boring action. The movie’s script got severely criticized, with fans joking it was written either by a high-school student or by ChatGPT.

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The leading actors here deliver quite lazy performances, seemingly understanding that they’re doing a kind of an Apple commercial. Funnily, the movie, full of the company’s blatant product placement, even fails to do it with a perfect wholesomeness, as the device Cole uses to stalk Sadie is not an Apple AirTag, but a Tile one.

We’re talking about Chris Evans and Ana de Armas ’ feature Ghosted, which served as an attempt to attract the younger audience. Despite its negative reception, it is now holding the fifth position in Prime’s Global Chart, even a year after its release.

More than that, it became Apple TV+ 's most watched film debut, as it drew in 328,500 viewers in the first two days. Its cast, added by Adrien Brody and the curious cameos of Anthony Mackie, John Cho and Sebastian Stan, indeed makes it worth a watch.

“This was a terrible movie. I liked it,” concludes Redditor @Swicket, and it’s impossible to disagree with it, as this romcom is just the “so bad it’s good” kind of a film to chill with.

Check out whether the pleasure is guilty, as Ghosted is available for watching on AppleTV+.

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