Kristen Stewart is Perfect Poison Ivy to Pattinson's Batman, and Here's Proof

Kristen Stewart is Perfect Poison Ivy to Pattinson's Batman, and Here's Proof
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

It looks like fans have found the perfect actress to play an iconic Batman villain.

Many actors have played Batman over the years, with the role serving as a sort of benchmark for an actor's rise to the higher echelons of Hollywood performers.

So, when Robert Pattinson was cast as the Caped Crusader for a Matt Reeves movie, no one was really surprised.

With the first film being a huge hit and Pattinson giving fans a memorable take on Batman, all eyes are on the upcoming sequel, and people already have some ideas about which character might become the next great villain.

Eco-terrorist and prolific seductress Poison Ivy hasn't had a great history with Hollywood, as Uma Thurman's take on the villain in the terrible Batman & Robin is not well remembered by DC fandom.

People think that it is finally time for Poison Ivy to return to the big screen and wonder if Matt Reeves will include her in the upcoming sequel.

And if he does, people are already thinking that Kristen Stewart will be perfect as the green-skinned antihero.

While the idea of Stewart playing Poison Ivy has been floating around for quite some time, the recent Craft of Designing fan art depicting the actress as the iconic villainess has made those talks even more common.

Judging by the art, Stewart will look simply stunning with the green skin and red hair that look totally authentic in the fan art.

Even if some fans are still not sold on the idea of Stewart as Poison Ivy after seeing this picture, the idea of seeing two Twilight stars reunite for a more serious movie after all these years is certainly appealing to many.

Both Pattinson and Stewart have made a huge effort to prove themselves as talented and capable actors since the end of their vampire franchise, and some people think that both of them are ready to reunite and put the speculation of them being bad actors to rest once and for all.