Kung Fu Panda Inevitably Falls Victim to a Curse That Buried At Least 8 Franchises

Kung Fu Panda Inevitably Falls Victim to a Curse That Buried At Least 8 Franchises
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Fans believe almost nothing has been good after three films in a row.


  • Kung Fu Panda 4 hit the cinemas about 3 weeks ago and so far has shown good results in the box office
  • But many fans keep thinking that the franchise itself would have already come to its end after the third film.
  • The tendency of many franchises to proceed with bad movies after the first two or three films has killed many great series
  • While discussing it, some other fans replied that it’s become normal for new films to deteriorate in terms of the idea as the latter one gradually fades from the foreground.

The Kung Fu Panda franchise is back in theaters now with the fourth film — 8 years after the third one came out. And even though the brand new animated movie starring a comedy legend Jack Black as a voice actor shows quite good results — its dethroning Dune: Part 2 in the box office speaks volumes — some fans lament the studio’s decision for yet another film.

It’s been a long time since many people started noticing how most of the famous franchises deteriorate more and more with every new movie. In many cases it comes as quite a reasonable statement, but so far this long list of “cursed” franchises has already been joined by Kung Fu Panda as well, even though the fourth film has spent less than 3 weeks in the box office and keeps grossing big numbers.

It all usually starts with the fans’ discussion — on Reddit one user has recently made a post saying that they personally believe almost every successful franchise to get bad after a very good dilogy or even trilogy. The list looks impressive, with Shrek, Scream, Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, Home Alone, Ice Age, Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda being on it.

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Some other users retorted in the comment section and said that not every successful franchise ended up having a collection of bad films after the first two or three by defending their position with examples like Mission: Impossible and Fast and Furious.

Others, on the contrary, just stated that it’s usually the first two or three films that are filled with the desire to tell a story and some inspiration, the following ones are most likely about the money rather than the story itself.

Another user also mentioned a change of the main writer as an important factor — meaning that the new one wouldn’t be able to keep what the first one did just the way it was.

The point that everyone seems to agree with is that sooner or later every franchise has to come to its end — and it’d better be an end that would frustrate the fans rather than bring them joy.

Source: Reddit