Law & Order: SVU Will Finally Address This 10 Years In the Making Conflict

Law & Order: SVU Will Finally Address This 10 Years In the Making Conflict
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It’s about time the truth is revealed.


  • Even though Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was recently renewed for its 26th season, fans aren't too thrilled with the show's pace over the past few years.
  • With a few exceptions, the stories are either too unbelievable or repetitive and boring, and Olivia Benson's character seems to be losing her common sense.
  • However, the upcoming storyline involving Olivia's son Noah promises to bring a satisfying end to his 10-year arc.

The introduction of Noah Benson in the 15th season of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was a well-received change that many fans enjoyed. Olivia Benson, known as a badass, dedicated detective, was given the chance to grow into a mother, just as badass and dedicated to her child.

While some people find the arc a little too polished and forced, others wholeheartedly believe that Noah's adoption story is one of the best character developments SVU's lead has gotten in years. From the looks of it, the show is now finalizing the main conflict surrounding his character as well.

Does SVU’s Noah Know About His Father?

Born to the late Ellie Porter and the late sex trafficker Johnny Drake, Noah Porter-Benson's past was too dark for any adult to handle, let alone a child. After going through the worst of foster care and hospitalization, Noah's adoption by Olivia Benson was the best outcome imaginable.

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Since then, the two have become inseparable, building a true mother-son bond based on mutual love, respect and trust. It seems that 10 years after Noah's first appearance in the show's 15th season, that bond will be tested with the most uncomfortable conversation the two can have.

The synopsis for the upcoming Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode, Children of Wolves (S25E9), is as follows:

“A teenager found unconscious in the park leads to a missing persons investigation; Benson must help Noah come to terms with the past when he questions the origins of his birth.”

Unfortunately for Noah, his origin story is nothing short of devastating, but it is time for Olivia to turn on her motherly charms and explain to her son exactly what happened and how he ended up in her custody. This will not only be a heartwarming moment, but a satisfying finale for his entire arc.

If you are interested in watching the upcoming episode, be sure to tune in to Law & Order: SVU after the show's hiatus is over and it's back on the air. Episode 9 will air on April 11 on NBC, so don't forget to check it out and see Noah's reaction to the truth about his past first.